Brown Sugar Honey Glaze Baked Ham Recipe
This recipe has been a Christmas & Easter family tradition for generations! Hope you enjoy making it as much as we do eating it!

Brown Sugar Honey Glaze Baked Ham Recipe

Cooking a ham for holiday gatherings is something that is done by millions of Americans. Over the years, ham has become a main course that is synonymous with several holidays. There are a wide variety of ham recipes to choose from. The difference in the way these hams are prepared usually involves the ingredients used to make the sweet glaze. No matter what flavors delight your taste buds, there is certain to be a ham glaze that you will enjoy. There are glazes made from pineapple, ginger, blueberries, apple butter and cherries. Each of these ingredients will be absorbed into the meat, giving the ham a distinct flavor. This is why it is critical that you always take the time to choose your glaze carefully.

The brown sugar honey glaze discussed in this recipe is a good choice if you will be having many guests at your gathering who you do not know very well. This is because the taste of the glaze is sweet enough to give the ham some added flavor but not so sweet that it will turn many of your guests off.

The brown sugar honey glaze baked ham is a dish that many families have passed down over the years, which is why prep style may vary. In New Orleans and other southern cities, hot spices are commonly used during the preparation, and you can add spices as desired to the following traditional recipe.

Brown Sugar Honey Glaze Baked Ham Recipe

Prep time:
Cook time:
Serves 15-20


A smoked ham with water added (18-20 pounds)
16 ounces of brown sugar
1 cup of clover honey


You will first need to make sure the racks in your oven are properly adjusted so that there will be enough room inside to fit a pan that is covered. Place a shallow rack inside the pan. Your oven should be preheated to 375 degrees F.

Take the plastic wrap off the ham and rinse it off. Put it on the rack in your pan. Place a lid over the pan and begin baking for half the time necessary to cook the ham. The total cooking time should equal 20 minutes per pound. When you reach the halfway point, place the honey and sugar into a pan and cook it over a medium flame until the sugar has dissolved. Pour the liquid over the entire ham. Bake the ham for the remaining time that is required. As you do this, baste the ham with the liquid at the bottom of the pan.

As you approach the time when your ham should be finished baking, use a meat thermometer periodically to see if it is done. Make sure the thermometer does not come into contact with the bone. You should also take care not to insert it into any fat. The ham should stand for at least 10 minutes prior to cutting it.

This ham is ideal for a potluck or large gathering, making it a perfect holiday accompaniment.